The purpose of Newscoop policies is to maintain inclusive community and dialogue. By participating in the Newscoop community through blog posts, comments, discussion boards, and all other Newscoop content, users agree to the Newscoop terms and conditions and accept all other Newscoop content policies.

Rights in Newscoop Content and Newscoop Online Services

By posting or submitting any content to Newscoop, users represent that their work is their own, and that it is not under copyright or trademark by another individual or entity, or that anything they submit that is not written by them is properly cited and being submitted with the express consent of the author. All comments, blog posts, photos, and discussion must be original works of users.

By submitting content to Newscoop, users grant to Newscoop a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, and worldwide license to reproduce and share their original content. Users also agree to cite clearly any content that is not their own, allowing Newscoop to avoid sharing that content. Users further agree that other users of Newscoop may reproduce and/or share their contributions provided they include proper attribution. Users retain the copyright in their submissions to Newscoop’s blog, subject the license to Newscoop, and may reproduce or grant non-exclusive licenses to third parties to their work. Unless otherwise stated, all copyright, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights in Newscoop Content and Newscoop Online Services belong to Newscoop, for sharing and distribution in keeping with Newscoop’s policies and mission.

Rights to Use of User Content

Content posted on the Newscoop website or social media pages is public. Content published by users on the Newscoop site may be shared by other Newscoop users, so long as Newscoop and the user’s ownership are properly cited.


In users’ digital interaction with other Newscoop users (including, but not limited to: News Minutes and blog comments, discussion board postings, and blog postings), users agree to conduct themselves civilly and respectfully. While using the Newscoop website and affiliated platforms, they agree to not under any circumstances harass, mistreat, or otherwise oppress any other user of Newscoop. Newscoop reserves the right to determine, at its discretion, what is considered harassment, mistreatment, or oppression. If it is determined a user has violated this agreement, Newscoop, also at its discretion, may suspend or terminate the user's access to the site. To ensure an inclusive community and functional discussion and debate, Newscoop users may flag comments, blog posts, and discussion content they believe goes against these policies, or otherwise harms the Newscoop community.

Right to Terminate

Newscoop reserves the right to terminate a user’s access if not in compliance with these agreed policies. This includes, but is not limited to removal of user content on Newscoop, and removal of user ability to post new content on blog pages and discussion boards. If a user is deemed to have access terminated, such user will be notified of the termination and cause for termination, as well as whether there is possibility to reinstate access at a later date.

Blog Posts

Blog posts are intended to provide global perspectives on international events, cultural events and issues, and all other aspects of life. Newscoop recognizes that some material may contain sensitive or graphic information and imagery. Users should place warnings at the top of such posts, informing users that there is sensitive content ahead. Users should avoid creating and posting content on Newscoop that includes, encourages, or insinuates racism, bigotry, sexism, excessive profanity, graphic sexual imagery, or extreme violence.

Discussion Boards and Comments

Posts in discussion boards and comment sections should follow the same guidelines as blog posts, avoiding content that includes, encourages, or insinuates racism, bigotry, or sexism. Expressions of violence that are directed at a named or identifiable individual or group are prohibited, as is graphic sexual imagery or sexual imagery that refers to an identifiable person who has not given permission for that imagery to be shared. Any discrimination, oppression, or harassment toward other users on discussion boards or in comment sections will not be allowed. Nor will spam or other bulk messaging intended to spread viruses, steal information, or otherwise damage other users and their technology.

Any inaccuracies, fabrications or untruths in blog posts, comments and discussions are not to be imputed to Newscoop.

Newscoop reserves the right to alter these terms and conditions of use without prior notice. Users should check the Terms and Conditions periodically to keep up to date with any changes.